opensource vs custom development


To understand the real scenario of the  above question; it is must that we first quickly go through the glimpse of the basis pros and cons of both and then compare the values to get the hint on whether is it at all possible for the opensource to take over the custom development

Let us start with the custom development:



Secondly, let us quickly have a look at the advantage/disadvantageous of the opensource development too



Overall, it all looks great with the benefits of the opensource platforms over the custom development. However, the most important thing for any business is scalability as and when the business grows and needs change over the period.

So, in-case when you have pre-studied your business requirements well to select the right opensource keeping the future growth and requirements with customization feasibility check – you are safe and secure to go with the opensource and can take all the other advantageous of it including lowering your hugh development time, cost and energy, which again reduces the maintenance cost which would be the key for any businesses to keep running in profits and thus in such scenarios, definitely opensource platforms wins over the custom development.

You can even consult the techno – functional experts at Continuum to select the right framework for your business requirements.

Let us also check once again the reach of the opensource platforms across the different business domains/industries:



Opensource Solutions

PHP Based:

PrestaShop, Magento Community Edition, Zen Cart, Spree Commerce, Drupal Commerce, osCommerce, simpleCart, opensourceWooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop

.NET Based:

DotNetNuke (DNN), Kentico, Umbraco, Sitefinity, mojoPortal

Social Networking

BuddyPress, Dolphin, MonoX, Oxwall, Pligg CMS, PeoplePods, phpFox, SocialEngine

Content Management

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Orchard, Composite C1, Sitecore

Job Portals – is ASP.Net based job board that runs many niche job boards in U.S. & Canada. Both hosted and licensed solutions are available.

Mycromedia – is also based turnkey solution for recruitment firms, employers and for all entrepreneurs that want to start Job Board. Both hosted and licensed solutions are available.

List of open-source health software:



The Top 6 Free and Open Source School Administration Software:

  1. Fedena
  2. FeKara
  3. School Time
  4. TS School
  5. Open Admin for Schools
  6. OpenSIS Community

Open-Source Software for Libraries:

Open Source Software List: 2015 Ultimate List:


10 Open Source ERP Options

  1. ADempiere ERP Business Suite
  2. Apache OFBiz
  3. xTuple
  4. Odoo
  5. Openbravo ERP
  6. opentaps
  7. Dolibarr
  8. ERP5
  9. ERPNext
  10. LedgerSMB

Such as many other readily built opensource platforms are available and newer solutions are getting added rapidly day by day by its unbelievable largest community.

You can also refer the statistics on the various technologies usage over the entire networks here at

Summary: Simple as that why to invest thousands of dollars to reinvent the wheels whilst everything is readily built for you just a click away. Get in touch with us and hire our opensource experts to guide and rapidly setup your choice of softwares


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