Looking to rank on first page of google search results?

Understand Search Engine Optimization basics if you are looking to rank on first page of the Google search engine results

Everybody wants to see their business website on the first page of the Google search engine and why not as for the most businesses their potential buyers are rank-first-google searching for services or products on Google search engine. And obviously if your business website is ranking higher on search results, there are chances that your potential customers visit your website and make an inquiry for the services or products they are interested to buy for them. And you get a chance to convert prospect customers into real buyers.

As google is ruling amongst major search engines in the world, it has become the money-making machine for most of the businesses and likewise to rank higher on the first page of Google is become very important and competitive as well. Google is continuously improving their search algorithm to offer the most relevant and authoritative information to their users. They have updated their search algorithm in a way that nobody can just stuff keywords and get ranked easily which was the case in the past algorithm. The algorithm updates like hummingbird has encouraged website owners to use natural language rather then stuffing keywords they want to rank for. Due to strict Google search algorithm updates towards spamming and backhat SEO, it is difficult to rank overnight and easy to get penalized. It is nowadays more about ongoing efforts with publishing relevant and unique content, onpage factors and high-quality backlinks to your website.

Important onpage factors:

There are many technical factors to keep in mind for onpage optimization. I have listed few of them below that one should not miss while optimizing the site.

  • You should add your focus keyword in your targeted web page link
  • Add keyword in meta title and description of the particular page, first paragraph of the web page writing etc..
  • You should incorporate at least one image to your targeted landing page with having focus keyword in the image alt tag.
  • Don’t miss to add your focus keyword in H1, H2 tags of the page
  • Try to avoid fancy features to your website that makes your website slow and creates trouble to render the page for google spiders.

Important Offpage factors:

  • Don’t miss to submit and verify your business website to Google my business google.ca/business. Go through the google my business guidelines to make sure you are submitting accurate details to Google or else there are high chances to get delisted from google my business listing page and map rankings.
  • Most important offpage factor is to create high quality backlinks from relevant sources. You should list your website to relevant and niche directories available for your business industry, profile sites, video sites etc.
  • List your business to popular local citation sites to get noticed in local surroundings. if you wants to target local market, make sure you implement right strategy to your local SEO campaign and add target region to all important html tags in an appropriate way.

Overall, you need to be very patient and consistent with your efforts if you have just started implementing SEO for your business website. As your efforts will start paying you only after google will notice your work and in other words you won’t see the results unless & until google spiders crawls the high-quality backlinks that you have created. Don’t lose your hands early in the game if you don’t see the results right away and be more consistent with your approach.

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