Game Development Studio

Mobile Game Design & Development Studio Toronto

Continuum Software Solutions has provides game development services for iOS, Android and windows phones. We have extensive experience in design and development of games across hardware solutions.

Our team of game development consultants brings to the table the key factors to be considered for mobile game design & development. Our designers focus on the overall success and ensure high “fun” factor of the games and the artists handle the aesthetics to make the game engaging. Our programmers do a tremendous job of making the game come to life.

Our game devs specialize in single and multi-user, multi-level mobile game development, social media integration and advertising in mobile games. The games developed by Continuum have high download numbers which ensures returns on investments in game development with us. We develop games using HTML5, flash and several game development platforms.

Our Game Devs Focus

  • Evaluation and refinement of game idea
  • Evaluation of the design aspects of the gaming application like intelligent interruption settings, unobtrusive but informative feedback
  • Creating of gaming assets i.e. Backgrounds and animations
  • Design and development of basic gaming mechanics as per requirements
  • Design and development of strategy games, puzzles, trivia and word games
  • Design and development of social mobile games