Joomla CMS Development Services

We build highly interactive, visually appealing joomla cms sites.

Joomla cms development services

Joomla is one of the strong contenders in the open-source web content-management systems. Since Joomla is based on PHP and MySQL, powerful applications can be built on open platforms which can easily be shared. It has strong community support of developers and business consultants because of which innovative solutions to real-world business problems are available as community contributions. CMS development is a niche offering at Continuum Software Solutions and we do Joomla CMS development to make the best use of content management system features like SEO optimization, ease-of-use, content categorization using tagging and taxonomy, smart search, content versioning. Hence, it proves to be a cost effective solution for a large number of implementations. We have over 140+ person years of experience in Joomla CMS development. Continuum Software Solutions is a leading provider of Joomla development services. We have rich experience in delivering applications with different scales of implementation using Joomla. Our team of application designers and developers deliver feature rich CMS driven applications that ensure compelling end-user experience. Our team of Joomla consultants and architects ensure secure, scalable solutions that perform well even with heavy traffic.


  • Corporate websites, intranets and extranets
  • e-Commerce portals and reservation systems
  • Community based portals

Salient features of some of the Joomla projects

  • Cloud storage APIs
  • Integration with third party systems like CRM and DAM
  • One click upgrades
  • Omniture and google Analytics integration
  • Front end editing
  • Single sign-on

Services we provide for flawless Joomla implementations:

  • 360 degree analysis for performance and security
  • Design and solution of scalable, performance intensive sites
  • Responsive theme development and integration
  • Module and component development
  • Customization of contributed modules
  • Production support of existing applications and data migrations

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