4 Important Considerations for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have brought a tremendous change in our lives.  Enterprise mobile app developers know the value it provides improving efficiencies and bringing down the cost of operations for their enterprise customers. However, app developers need to be thorough in their quality and feature set. They need to make sure that the below integral factors have been incorporated into the enterprise app.

1 - Security

With each passing day, we are becoming more vulnerable to threats and cyber attacks. Check out statistics to know how enterprise app ecosystem is plagued by security vulnerabilities.

  • Lookout says that there has been a 75% YoY increase in US mobile malware rates
  • Ponemon Institute found that 7 out of 10 companies fear that lack of measures to protect company data on mobile devices has led to a likely data breach

Whether you are building an app for iOS, Windows, or Android, no platform is safe. Hence as a responsible mobile app developers, it is important to keep enterprise grade security features in mind during development.

2 - Authentication

There are numerous apps demoed recently for Android and iOS, but the promising ones are secured with the encrypted technology. Encryption has become important in the present scenario of the data transmission. It acts as a blanket against the attacks or threats or from the unauthorized access. As an enterprise app development company, it is your duty to install the best encryption technology to prevent the data from going in the unsafe hands.

Gone are the days when the developers could solely rely on password for protecting the internet sensitive information. Nowadays, we are facing a lot of malicious threats and external vulnerabilities. Hence it is important for the reliable mobile app development company to develop multiple level authentication methods. In this method, the user can only access the app whenever he enters the registered number and upon entering the number he/she will be permitted to access the app.

3 - MVC Framework

PHP developers have two choices to make; either they can develop their own architecture or use a framework. MVC framework for enterprise app development offers several advantages like it speeds up the process, improves collaboration, is pre-tested, reduces the developmental time and helps to keep the code organized. The main benefit that it has over JavaScript is the latter is more complex and requires collaboration from the multiple developers. MVC, on the other hand, is a reusable app that can be applied to commonly occurring software design problem. MVC is structured from three components model (where the data is stored), view (how the data is presented to the user) and controller (it adds and updates the view).

4 - Scalable enough to handle multiple user requests

It should be scalable enough to handle multiple user requests at once. Otherwise, the service failure may happen at any time.


Today’s successful enterprise apps employ these factors in varying degrees. These should be a must-have for your enterprise app development project in order to ensure its success on the app stores.