Advancing Magento Trends

Continuum Software Solutions seek out magento open source platform purely from user perspective. We believe in relationship that engages and connects technology for greater good. We try to extensive write our views based on customer behaviour & need analysis. Online shoppers seek for user friendly and interactive Ecommerce platform. Despite of other open source applications magneto development seeks prime position, primarily because of its beautiful themes, enhanced features and its ability to address multiple eCommerce complexities with simpler plug-ins. It empowers business with effectiveness, impact and scalability.

As per the statistics and comparing other ecommerce platforms Magento powers approx. 28% of website across the internet.

Let us see at a few scalable Magento Trends

Engaging experience leads to high interactivity:

It is a small pocket mobile friend usage trend that is seen in past few years. Hence there arouse the demand of engaging user interactivity and generating sales with outstanding engagement that provides hands on information. Companies attract prospective buyers through it. They dwell upon user navigation-based analysis and gives them recommendations with different engagement techniques like offers, discounts or by generating interests to know more about offering. Which ultimately results in revenue generation.

Giving real time experience:

From mid-2018 companies like amazon have started giving use the real time virtual feel of products which creates curiosity for the user to feel the product and buy. Big data analytics is a huge support to back up the understanding the buyer behaviour and create real time experience specifically for targeted products which are high on demand to start with. Big data is occupying prime space for sensitizing human needs by analysing market behaviour.

Elegant & simple website with customized images: 

End customers now understand the difference in over populated website & sticky post from any other image space. There are specialized Magento developers who magento-website-development-torontohave understood this as a key behaviour and have worked on creating simple and elegant look of UI (user interface). Less written and beautifully exemplified with customized image. Accurate image from graphic expert creates wonders on Magento website. These are not the random images, they are the story board. It conveys the connected and soulful message that attracts user to know more about the product or service. It is the call out for the offering in the most creative & innovative way.

Adaptable by social media platforms: 

Out of all the digital media campaigns, social media is the most interactive and scalable. Here not only product gets highlighted but there are various means to show advantages & features through video, images & gauging spontaneous reaction of customers on platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter. Major leads are attracted from these mediums.

Apt usage of pop-ups & optimizing CTA: 

Best magento websites are the ones that encourages user to buy from the webstore, only when the pop-ups are attractively placed. It will lead user to the engaging deal. With chatbots on magento platforms it supports end user share and convey the requirement, which wires lead generation. Clients get potential database of people who are genuinely wanting to know more about product or service.

Personalization works with greater emphasis on demand: 

There have been diligent updates on magento open source to create relationship-based selling. End of the day it is all about the experience that an impactful ecommerce website gives and whether it is addressing the right need. When there is a pop-up questions that asks us as to which date and time is convenient for us to pick the return product or how well logistically our product reaches to us – it matters! That is a greater good that end user is looking for. Push notification that reminds them that it is their birthday or anniversary in few days and gives a few choices based on past analysis of respective sale gives us an outstanding example of best customer service and creating engaging relationship through magento site. It creates wow experience isn’t it. It is all about addressing right needs at right time which adds the flavour of personalization. And that is how magento development companies create demand in market.

Future looks promising with 2019 arriving just after two months. This year magento foresee creating a mark by introducing some advanced features like in voice search, Live videos and many more.

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