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Top Food Delivery Apps in Canada That You Must Try in 2021

In just under a decade, the way we order food has undergone a revolutionary change. Take Melissa's case in point.


Does businesses really need an app?

You will agree to this majority of us starts our day with mobile and ends with it. Thus, mobile apps are becoming core need of next generation.


Startups – Do you really need branding?

Blog talks about the value of brand in the digital age and how it elevates by focusing from perception to adding immense value to business.


Importance of graphic design strategy to generate tangible business results

The legacy of Canadian graphic design intersects with the period in the 1950s and 1960s when Canada was coming into its own as a country says Greg Durrell.Toronto being the recognized hub contributes 11% on GDP of Canada.


How Website Design Impacts E-Commerce Sales And Profitability

Your business website is what sets you apart from competitors, thus helping you carve a distinctive niche in the market.


5 ways to prevent ecommerce cart abandonment

Most of the customers add their favorite product to the shopping cart online and head to checkout. But in the last moment they close the tab or move to another website.


App Development Needs Flexibility: The Why’s And How’s

Whether you are operating in the service sector or product manufacturing arena, app development is nothing short of a crucial necessity.


Importance of investing in mobile app consulting

2015 saw 4.43 billion mobile users worldwide. This number is expected to cross the hallowed 5 billion mark by 2019.


Hot Trends that will Define Android App Development

The rapid pace at which the Android ecosystem is evolving has been exemplary.


Guide for an Online Ecommerce Startups

How to select development partner for your online eCommerce portal development project?


Offshore IT development partnership

Offshore development is a part of business process outsourcing where a company transfers business projects for execution to other company


Real-estate IT Management

It was the year 2005; United States real-estate market started experiencing IT enabled business needs to grow their business quickly


Top trending Android Applications in Canada

Mobile apps business has grown rapidly over the last few years and it will be growing more rapidly over the coming years. According to the Wiki data, the population in Canada calculated in Q4, 2015 is 35,985,751 and the mobile users were more than 28,217,707 (78% against population) in Q3 2015.


Custom software development Vs Canned software

In this dynamic and ever-changing world of business, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for business owners to decide whether to go for implementation of a ready software or to hire a team to make customized software specific to the business needs.


Continuum, technology consulting firm

Continuum software solutions is a Toronto, Canada based technology consulting firm having their representatives’ consultants across the globe including the major countries like USA and Australia.


Time to upgrade your website

Upgrades are always good to go for due to several important factors for your website or app product.


WordPress Statistics

Most of all the content management websites and blogs are built with the open source tool known as WordPress which is the most user-friendly for the content sites and blogs management to their owners as well as to the users.


Select right web framework for your new business site

There are plenty of web technologies available in the market nowadays which enables custom website development as well as open source development and much more…


Why web presence is a must nowadays for your business?

Businesses without online web presence are not possible in today’s world. The New generation is so much occupied with their work and busy in today’s fast lifestyle that they hardly get time for their families.