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Custom Website Vs Template Website

People mark 2020 in red, but that is not the case with us at Continuum.


Advancing Magento Trends

Continuum Software Solutions seek out magento open source platform purely from user perspective. We believe in relationship that engages and connects technology for greater good.


How Website Design Impacts E-Commerce Sales And Profitability

Your business website is what sets you apart from competitors, thus helping you carve a distinctive niche in the market.


Offshore IT development partnership

Offshore development is a part of business process outsourcing where a company transfers business projects for execution to other company


Joomla CMS - a long way to go!

Joomla is a widely known content management system used globally since last many years. The initial Joomla version was released back in 2005 known as Joomla 1.0.


PHP against other scripting languages ASP.NET, JSP, CGI, Perl

PHP is a server-side scripting language which is mainly used for web applications to get the data dynamically from the web-server.


Time to upgrade your website

Upgrades are always good to go for due to several important factors for your website or app product.


opensource vs custom development

To understand the real scenario; it is must that we first quickly go through the glimpse of the basic pros and cons of both opensource and custom development.


WordPress Statistics

Most of all the content management websites and blogs are built with the open source tool known as WordPress which is the most user-friendly for the content sites and blogs management to their owners as well as to the users.


Select right web framework for your new business site

There are plenty of web technologies available in the market nowadays which enables custom website development as well as open source development and much more…