Continuum Software Solutions's Social Media tips!

Social media is rapidly evolving day by day here in Canada. Companies which were earlier slow to respond to social media are now hiring top marketing managers to advertise on it. Having a brand’s virtual presence is a rule rather than the exception nowadays. But there are many layers to social media marketing and a thorough research is required before embarking on it. We at Continuum Solutions help you decode the mystery of social media marketing, which in turn will help your brand with your engagement and conversion objectives.

1) Using Social Media for engagement with your email subscribers

By inserting an auto-responder in your email which would direct all your new subscribers to follow you on Twitter, Pinterest and like on Facebook would be a great idea to start with. Every business owner looks to generate new leads and new consumers, but having a profitable and lasting relationship with your current customers would go a long way in creating your brand’s value.

2) Set goals for your Social Media marketing

  • Assess the total number of new unique visitors on the different platforms of the social media where you have run your marketing campaigns.
  • Regularly update on the number of people who like your company’s page on Facebook and the people who follow you on twitter.
  • Assess the quantity of commentary generated by interactions with the customers. For example, comments on Facebook and replies/mentions on Twitter.

3) Audit your social media presence before starting a social media campaign

It’s prudent to know your current social media presence before embarking on a big social media campaign as it will enable to know the success or failure of your campaign. By auditing the various metrics like followers, likes, mentions, replies etc, you would also be able to target the precise segment and demographics of your social media following.

4) Building Trust should be the main priority

Any business or company looking for the long haul should have Trust with consumers as their primary priority. It is proved that trusted brands have a longer recall value and a dedicated pipeline of consumers, whereas a non-trusted brand has fewer repeat customers. It’s better to open up and be transparent while engaging with people on social media platforms.

5) Add the human touch to your brandsocial-media-marketing-toronto

It’s a fact that people respond more to people as compared to a bot. By providing a robotic response to your followers or subscribers you risk antagonizing them. It’s wise to follow a humane approach while interacting with them and be relatable with them while understanding their problems with your products.

6) Social Media can be a big boost for your website traffic

Most companies have their own websites. But bringing people to the site is a very difficult proposition for them. Here, social media can help you tremendously. By providing a link to your website on your Twitter handle and Facebook account as well as linking it with your most shared comments, web traffic from around Canada can be drawn towards your website.

With these tips, your digital marketing campaign will be well on its way to success. If you are interested in a deeper level of SMM expertise then you can connect with us at Continuum for a quick consultation. We will be glad to be of assistance to improve your brand visibility on social media.