Joomla CMS - a long way to go!

Quick Facts on Joomla, a widely known content management system!

Joomla is a widely known content management system used globally since last many years. The initial Joomla version was released back in 2005 known as Joomla 1.0.  The strong foundation and dynamic architecture made Joomla widely accepted and quickly adapted by the developers and users. It has grown over the years since then with many releases with enhanced features as per the latest trends of web market.

The below is the timeline of Joomla version releases over the years which will help you to understand the progressive commitment of the core Joomla team.


Current Users Statistics:

As per the current statistics, the number of Joomla downloads crossed by 60 million and as per the report millions of websites has been built with and successfully running on this cms platform. You should also know about the users of this platform to understand the power of Joomla content management system and its bright future.

3324 Government websites

 built with Joomla!

The top countries whose government uses Joomla are Italy, Spain, Chile, USA and Mongolia.

Heathrow Airport

They were looking for a platform which can handle heavy traffic for their shopping website and they decided to go with the Joomla

Guaranty Trust Bank (Biggest and most profitable bank of Nigeria):

They are pioneers in mobile banking and were looking for a mobile-friendly web solution and look what they found.
Look at their Joomla mobile-friendly website here at

Peugeot (Famous car brand in Europe):

Peugeot is using Joomla content management system solution for their web design needs at

Government Of Greece:

Ministry of Education

According to the Joomla community, there are close to 3000 sites listed from 204 countries who use Joomla!

High Court Of Australia (Canberra):

They are using Joomla website which is hosted at

Joomla Vs WordPress:

It is a fact that WordPress content management system has acquired a good user base since last few years due to easy to use features and better SEO advantage.

There are lot many SEO plugins are available for WP and work better than Joomla SEO. However, you cannot ignore Joomla only on the base of SEO factor which is again comparatively not that bad. I am sure that the Joomla community can re-engineer the system and SEO plugins to fight against WP SEO and to win the race totally again in the coming years.


Top features of Joomla:


Joomla is widely known content management system for the multilingual cms platform which offers more than 64 languages.

Easy Upgrades:

The basic problem of any software is to keep it up-to-date and Joomla offers one-click upgrade feature with having built in checker facility which notifies you when the new upgrade is available.

Media Manager:

Offers easy uploading of media files and folder management.

Banner Management:

This tool allows you to add multiple banners for advertisement purpose with the impression / clicks tracking facilities and more.

Contact Management:

This is the best feature of Joomla allow you to create as many as unique contact forms for your website.

Advance Search:

Joomla not only allows the keyword searching but also facilitate the advance search feature with other additional options like search indexing, search auto suggestions and more.

Frontend Editing:

Joomla is a widely known content management system that allows you to add/edit/delete content easily using content editor and also allows editing from frontend while you see your site you can change the content.

Content Versioning:

you can enter a version note every time you change the content and in future when needed, you can revert to the previously made content changes easily.

There are many other features available in Joomla such as menu manager, nested categorization, tagging with a great more than 8000 extensions support to enhance your Joomla website.

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Joomla has a long way to go and a very bright and competitive future. Just keep an eye on it and you will see the results. Feel free to contact us if you are looking to hire dedicated website developers at affordable rates.