Guide for an Online Ecommerce Startups

For ecommerce startups, establishing store to sell their products is little difficult which also demands a big investment.  Also if you have observed most stores nowadays have their online store apart from physical presence as they know the power of online store and considering future growth of online ecommerce industry. So for startups ideal is to have their online store first to capture online visitors and increase business visibility online. And once the online business is all set and needs arise to serve your local customers well; you can surely think about scaling your business by establishing a physical outlet.

For all online ecommerce business startups; getting the online portal designed in a right way is the most important and crucial factor for success. When it comes to choose a web design agency for the ecommerce portal development; most startups does not know how important it is and assign it to anyone or go for a freelancers. you need to understand that it is not one time job - you will need designers and developers for an ongoing basis to for upgradation, migration or to fix something..   so you do not need an agency, you need a partner basically who is reliable, transparent and cost effective and quality solutions provider.

Select right development partner for your online eCommerce website design & development

One of the major reasons why online eCommerce startups succeed is because of the right partners - whether technology partners or vendor partners for products. So being a startup you need to be very careful while selecting your partners.

Parameters to find out the right development partner for your eCommerce business:

Assess Expertise: Assess the eCommerce website developers expertise before you handover your project development. You should not only check their prior work examples but also discuss with them about their solution offerings for your specific requirements and compare with other providers. You can also ask about their client references. You can refer their resumes to understand their overall design and technical expertise to check in what all areas they can help to your business.

E-commerce Consulting Experience: Apart from the technical expertise, being a startup company, it is most important for you to review their domain expertise in the eCommerce field. You should choose a company which not only delivers technically but also understands the eCommerce depth and can consult you with respect to further steps which can take your online business to the next level.

Post Production Support & Maintenance: The team must be ready to provide support after initial online shop development and go live for an ongoing term for future enhancements, third party integrations, bug fixing and maintenance tasks.

Marketing Expertise: If the team knows how to market the products online and if they also have prior experience in marketing similar products to your product lines as well, it is an added advantage for you to select them as your one stop solutions partner for your online eCommerce business growth. However before allocating your business projects to them; you should review their case studies of the past projects and the growth of their past clients with their efforts.

Continuum’s Offerings for eCommerce startups:

Continuum software solution is one-stop eCommerce business solutions partner for anyone who is looking for the best eCommerce website development and consulting services ecommerce-startupfor their business growth.

Continuum not only helps with online shop development but also help the owner in managing online products, vendors, payments, orders etc.. with the help of appointing a dedicated product / project manager and customer support executives to maintain and boost the sales through customer experiences and personalization activities. Continuum is also having vast technical experience in marketplace development, marketplace management, digital marketing which includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing. We also help our customers in brand development by defining several regions and culture-specific designs and marketing campaigns.

We also offer analytics research and business intelligence reports development services specific for the eCommerce businesses that guides business owners to drive their eCommerce platform in a particular direction at the right time. Visit to know more about our eCommerce web solutions