Importance of graphic design strategy to generate tangible business results

Graphic design for ecommerce, healthcare, real estate, clothing line industries in Toronto / Canada

The legacy of Canadian graphic design intersects with the period in the 1950s and 1960s when Canada was coming into its own as a country says Greg Durrell.
Toronto being the recognized hub contributes 11% on GDP of Canada. This makes it center to attract new trends that latches the best business practices. Interestingly, it is observed the sequential trend of upscaling the induced demand of interacting with the product. You guessed it right! It is the designing experience that comes from Graphic specialists.

Whether it is Apple, Walmart or Amazon they have induced the eye to imagination in the form of product designing. They have taken graphic design to a different platform. Trend is to develop brand identity through designing art. Let us talk about the most upcoming industries like graphic design for ecommerce, healthcare, real estate, and clothing at Toronto.

Here are few key findings & insights of each highlighted industry:

Graphic Designing for Ecommerce:

There is always a need to position the right design in customer’s mind only then the product can seek attention. It all starts with wiring customers mind right from start. All giants like Shopify use graphic designing as a key strategy to attract customers. It has taken user experience at a different level, a few examples would be Walmart & shop. Ecommerce industry is majorly impacted by visual communication that’s where graphic designing helps is creating seamless experience. Which means there is visible impact on sales directly. It is a key differentiator in highlighting return on investment.

Graphic Designing for healthcare:

According to Golman Sachs, there will be $32 billion investment on web services, out of which 68% is estimated to get towards healthcare being the top three developing segment. Considering hospitals, pharmaceutical companies occupy major share there is still substantial growth in healthcare segment because to the less human dependency in buying them and easy at home services. Companies like Healthy Planet Canada initiated it with the intention of being easily visible to the end users and to get clear leverage for brand awareness by introducing healthcare website designing. It was majorly from the health conscious set of people who are looking for customized set of information about each product only. In fact, interactive graphic designing have given major hit to other traditional marketing mediums.

Graphic designing for real estate:

It has brought technical elements and smart functionality at one stage. Real estate at Toronto have brought exceptionally good combination of Digital Technology and Graphic designing. It is a driving force behind graphic-design-realestate-toronto-canadabranding & marketing for any real estate firm. Its eye catching visuals appeals to most of the end customer. Graphic designing is a mandate for creating business identity in real estate industry. Best trending examples at Toronto making graphic usage are Realtor & Zolo.

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Graphic designing for clothing line:

Toronto being hub of setting trends in Canada, banners placement and the colors pattern decides how long it can make user stick at one shopping place. It is not only about designing but it also defines the placement of things at right place in right fashion that makes the apparel eye catchy on both digital and print medium. It is also observed that leading fashion apparel companies have integrating designing strategy to get tangible business results through it. Ecommerce website design & development are meticulously emphasized to give online shopping experience.
While there are opinion on measuring the ROI for graphic designing, there are a few benefits that companies have derived:

  • It helps giving user real-time appearance,
  • Reduce level of complexity by delivering actual design since the inception
  • Design are integral part of any organizations R & D to marketing team

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