Importance of investing in mobile app consulting

2015 saw 4.43 billion mobile users worldwide. This number is expected to cross the hallowed 5 billion mark by 2019. With mobile apps driving user actions and purchase decisions in every sphere of their lives, businesses are increasingly seeing enterprise mobile apps consulting investment not as a choice but as a necessity to ward off competition, increase user base, and run a sustainable business.

Better market research:

Various factors come into play when you start out to develop a mobile application. Any good mobility consulting expert will vouch that there is a ton of intelligence to be gathered before even drawing the first wireframe. This includes –

  • What is your target market?
  • What is the need of your target market that you will solve?
  • What is the competition doing and how are similar apps faring?
  • What are customers saying about similar apps?
  • This is precisely where a mobile app consulting company can add true value with their business consulting expertise, and provide a direction for mobile app development for your brand.

App Monetization:

Pricing your mobile app is one of the biggest success drivers for your mobile app development endeavors.  How to monetize the app. If the app is free do you opt for freemium or paid model? In free app, how will ads serve as a monetization channel? How to achieve a trade-off between nuisance of in-app ads and great user experience? These are questions, only a seasoned mobile app consulting agency can provide an answer to.

Get more out of data and insights:

Mobile apps are increasingly used as predictive analysis tools to gather rich information about the app users and unlock insights from trends patterns, and historical behavior. By factoring in which data to be analyzed in the mobile app concept stage, it becomes very easy to implement functionalities that will capture these data at the mobile app development stage itself. So if you need to know user reviews about your e-commerce products then it is wise to use mobile app consulting to determine how the review box should be, whether to go for a text based review, star-based review and other UX design aspects by the mobile app development company.

Customer interaction:

Different stages of the customer journey are driven by different types of navigation and functionalities. Getting more out of customer engagement will be a key KPI for a mobile app development company. Hence mobile app consulting will provide a clear roadmap on how the app user can move smoothly from one milestone to another in the customer journey. For example, after checking out of an e-commerce transaction, will a ‘thank you’ page be enough? Will it help to open a new channel of communication by sharing a referral code the user can use next time to avail of discounts (and possibly incite more sales)? These questions are best answered during the mobile app consulting phase. These points indicate why it is absolutely essential to invest in mobile app consulting from a reliable mobile app development veteran. Without it, you will be groping in the dark and not have a clear strategy on how to go about mobile app development so that it yields the outcomes you are expecting.