Why should you invest in organic SEO as against Adwords/Ads marketing?

Today, we live in the world where being instant is a buzzword. Whether it is Maggie, coffee or food, we want everything to be delivered fast. The same holds true in the field of SEO. Paid search engine marketing techniques are ruling the roost because they deliver outcomes faster. But do you think it is useful or will it help to forge customer relationships for a long time?

Let’s compare!

The advocates of paid search engine marketing techniques believe that getting to a top-line position instantly is not possible through SEO because “Search engines are so slow that they even make look glaciers rapid”.

How long will the results of paid search engine marketing last?

With the constant updates of Google, the world of SEO has undergone a paradigm shift. There are certain metrics that this search engine giant takes into account before lodging your website to a top-notch position. By that we mean, at every stage the website needs to pass quality checks. Once everything is positioned Google will rank you tall among the competitors. While on the other hand, paid search engine marketing provides results there and then. This strategy depends on how much money you plan to invest in. Once you stop the cash flow, your traffic will drop.

Thus, organic marketing in the form of SEO is effective in the long run because it actually helps to build lasting customer relationship.

What pinches your budget more?

The cost structure of your campaign is another major difference that depicts the supremacy of organic search engine marketing techniques invest-organic-seoover paid methods.

On the face of it, it may seem paid search engine marketing techniques like Adwords are less costly, but in reality, they are not so. For example, if you require $100 to acquire 100 new customers this month, it will cost you the same in the next month too.

Organic search engine marketing campaigns work in a different way! The $100 that you invest in this month helps you to acquire new prospects month after month. Unlike paid campaigns, you are not investing every month. Referral traffic is one of the biggest advantages of organic search engine marketing technique.

For example, the quality blogs that you write today or outreach efforts that you do today will continue to produce valued customers for a long time to come. Now, isn’t that a blessing in disguise?

Social Marketing Efforts

Isn’t it a great idea to buy likes for a website? Well, at the cost of 8$, a business page can receive 500 likes. Some business men think of it as a quick solution to success, but in reality it is not so. Carefully built social media strategy along with the right content makes you reach to the top of the funnel. It takes time but the ROI more than justifies the efforts.

So, does that mean paid search marketing efforts are a total waste? Well, here we don’t have either- or choice. Paid search engine marketing techniques can be used along with organic search marketing techniques for an overall effective strategy. Do contact a professional SEO company to determine what the ideal mix would be for paid vs. organic search engine optimization methods.