Mobile Application Development the next Gen for Digitalization

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If we look into the past and see successful people, they are the only ones who have accepted and adapted the change in their lives. We have witnessed both success mobile-application-development-next-generation-digitizationand downfall of Nokia. One thing that we will always remember Nokia for its durability and Snake game. With the transition in digitalization era there is constant need and dependency that we have created on mobile right from morning alarm, managing work schedule, personal finance paying bills or to keep ourselves updated with the happenings around.

This all have summed to the growth of mobile learning, as per #dotcominfoway time spent on digital media will be 2/3 of the day and expected to reach 54% plus through mobile application taking a high fly. Currently there are 6.6 million apps present in mobile App store and the number of download is 197 billion. It is huge isn’t it?

Mobile Application Development Trends:

Let us understand what mobile learning trends were in the current year and how is it expected to grow:

  • Artificial Intelligence:

    Google CEO Sunder Pichai mentioned the most important transition that any application development company will go through is mobile first to an AI-first world. There will be high demand of developing intelligent application in 2019. Potential growth for AI in 2020 is going cross 47 billion dollars.

    Continuum’s perspective: Continuum too identify this and have an important food for thought for readers:

    It is critical to identify the purpose of project and what is the end objective that is to be achieved. Continuum ensures that client are very crystalize purpose to create mobile app with the right positioning and purpose. And technological enhancement is not just about revenue making affair. Whenever there is result driven intention it becomes easy to position the service and product to end users.

  • Internet of things:

    2018 was the year wherein people have experimented immensely especially in consumer segment. With amazon introducing echo dot smart home gadgets it is on the verge of maturing. By 2020 smart home investments will be double over the existing revenue generated globally.

    Continuum’s perspective: Continuum believes it all starts with ideation, when we think of all successful mobile ventures smart cities and intelligent homes have taken a pick. There are phases to it:

    • It always starts an outstanding idea and feasibility
    • Understand trends
    • Understand and classify behavior in segments
    • Know current demand and identify future needs
    • Focus on finest mobile experience for customers
    • Improvise based on conscious challenges
    • Optimize and automate over a period of time.

It takes time for end users to get acquainted and use to the trends but when it takes a peak there in no looking back.

  • Augmented Reality (AR): 

    The first thing that strikes our mind is #PokemonGo which has 650 million active users each day. This is just one AR we are discussing about. Total number of AR based mobile applications will be 1580 million by end of the current year, 2018 & it will reach 4670 million in 2022. Currently brands like Cadbury, Starbucks and Walmart are already using high paced Augment reality.Continuum’s perspective: It is not always are great idea to reinvent wheel of Innovation every time

    It is not about how well other product have performed using a particular technology, it is also about what can work best for you. Many times consistency is important over innovation. There is a higher probability to educate right audience and get them sensitized to the mobile application and leave them with the thought of wanting more.

    Innovation should be dependent on the segment that you are present – It is always a good idea to understand the necessity of the hour over inventing new. Continuum experts analyses this and drives this idea to its clients which help them to save on their cost over period of time.

  • Chat Bots: 

    In 2018 30% of chat bot interactions are increased with brands adoption and integrating this system well. As per Gartner brands are expected to spend 50% chatbots-development-torontomore on chat bots. It has supported many organizations to have primary interface in generating leads. It is the fastest medium to generate interest and converting it into business opportunities. It saves a lot of call center calling time which is going to become traditional method over a period of time.

    Continuum proposes: Expert Advice helps! It is always a great idea to speak with an expert who can guide and can make us aware of the benefits and limitations of the mobile application that we plan to develop. Email us at to book an appointment if you wish to get free consultation of the best mobile app development company further.

  • Developing Android Instant Apps:

    It is already installed over 500 million devices now. Games lovers for example-Football, cricket are more looking forward for these applications. It is anticipated it increases 55% engagement. It is used to involve end customers and highly engage them. Hire affordable android developers at Continuum for instant apps development.