How mobile apps will transform e-commerce

The significance of mobile is increasing across all business segments, including e-commerce stores. Today, mobile apps are extremely popular than websites of mobiles and supports businesses with additional customer details compared to visit to a website. As well, consumers are more likely to recall and revisit a mobile app which commands more visibility on a handset screen compared to bookmark of an Internet browser.

Here is how mobile apps can transform online e-commerce business.

Address the challenge around quick loading sites

A slow site loading time has proven to destroy online retail business. Impatient customers will turn their attention towards another online store at the blink of an eye. The need to enable quick loading times is one key benefit that mobile apps command over mobile websites. Mobile apps are simpler to load compared to a corresponding website. Also mobile apps can retain basic features without a connection and can sync data when the connection is up and running.

Knowing your Customers

The trending popular buzzword around ecommerce apps is “Data“. Businesses can track the purchase patterns and psyches of a consumer through the data available from mobile apps. This implies that a business can better understand what every individual customer is looking for and customize their app accordingly.

With these gold-level information in hand, businesses can drive multiple initiatives. They can personalize marketing messages to align to the persona of their key buyers in order to appeal to them and drive repeat purchases and loyalty. They can also know which product is selling better and which are the low hanging fruits that do not deliver value to your online store’s product lineup.

There is an unbelievable scope for how businesses can use collected data to improve the customer buying experience.

Significance of Customer Engagement

Online stores have different methodologies for attracting customers using mobile apps, but one cost-efficient methodology is content marketing. You need to periodically put content on the app which is of interest to potential customers.
You can utilize social media sites such as Twitter or create a blog to deploy a content marketing platform. However, an app carries certain advantages compared to other approaches. Consumers using your app will stay and view your content instead of jumping to the next interesting topic they find on sites like Twitter.

The increasing preference of apps for e-commerce

The popularity of mobile apps will further increase in 2017, as the mobile app experience continues delivering better outcomes and consumers establish a comfort zone when using apps rather than websites.

While a few businesses are attempting to revamp their existing mobile websites, a truly progress- oriented company should consider creating a mobile app from a professional mobile app development company in Toronto. Their team of skilled experts can help in developing new age mobile apps that will be easy to load, boost shopper engagement, and can both offer and use data for your benefit. With these success drivers, you can have a blockbuster app deployed for your own online retail store.