How does mobile game development future look like?

When we remember our childhood, we always remember games that we played and stories that we built. Time advanced from brick to snake game and now we are talking about creating virtual reality as a key feature in mobile development. Let us how ideation of gaming was introduced. It all started with Nokia launching snake game in 1997 with 6610 model. As per #pocketgamer reviews, currently we are in the eighth version of mobile gaming. There was no Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Myspace or YouTube in those days. Continuing journey further UK based game Dev company came up with snake II using WAP Games. And then came the mobile game era began, a difficult concept to buy in initially and eventually resulted in driving people passionately playing series of these games. It took a pick in 20th century, Games like Candy crush, Alto’s adventure have elevated mobile gaming culture at the next level.

Life is more fun if you play games – Roald Dahi

Let us understand the reality of mobile game contribution in past few years:

Worldwide Market Value of Mobile Contents in billion U.S. dollars (2011 to 2019)   



Continuum identifies it as a sphere to contribute with potential capabilities in-house. Continuum foresee the developing trend of design gaming apps as one of the key contributors amongst age group right from teen until late 40’s. The reason why Continuum has a strong belief of mobile games development growth as a segment in Canada is because it is an upcoming hub for top and leading academic business institutions, financial stability, and unparalleled market success, great place to work, invest & live in.

Let us look at the key trends and advancement, which makes mobile gaming a preferable choice in 2018:

  1. Console quality Games: It is one the very basic function but it is a preferred choice by almost each mobile game developer. It is a great function for built-in graphics and attractive sounds. It has elevated mobile gaming industry at next level.

2.Mobile based casino games: It has a major holding to continue mobile game club on and getting continued interests for the longer stretch. Games like roulette, poker blackjack have continued seeking attention and have been superbly engaging.

3.Augmented reality is in the pace: While AR is picking up and setting up new avenues in 2019, games like Pokemon Go have already established more than five million users who are actively leveraging the AR technology. AR in mobile design will be a major head turner by 2020.

4. Multiple players in mobile gaming zone is high in demand: Multiplayer virtual interactive have established and attracted major mobile application developers. Design are created in such a simplified version that it becomes a very self-explanatory for even a start up person can play such games easily. Also talking about mobile design it is such a simplified form that it becomes very neat and quick access information for first timer to connect with the game. Less is more – when it comes to designing mobile application

5. Mobile Gaming for Learning at Corporates & Educational Institutions: It is not only the entertainment tool but also it is a highly engaging platform for education industry and corporates, where they internally design learning games for students and staff members. It is often used as an assessment tool. There are special key features that a tailor made keep the end user in mind.

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