Select right web framework for your new business site

There are plenty of web technologies available in the market nowadays which enables custom website development as well as open source development and much more…

For startups and the Non-IT business owners, it is becoming very difficult to decide which technology, database, server, hosting plans, etc., would be the best fit for their new business site they are looking to develop.

Would you just go about it randomly???

It could be a major risk for your business, especially financially and much more in the long term. For example, when some time in the future you may want to scale your website and it might not be possible with your randomly selected technology and it possibly also destroy your online marketing stretegies!!!

So….. don’t just go random.

Let us here try to make it easier for you!

Analyse your business requirements and categorize:

Define your website TYPE:

Whether it would be just a content-driven website that explains about you and your business services OR is it more than just content… with lots of other features

So, here we can categorize the website types into two:

  • Content Driven Website
  • Features Enabled Site (Of course there will be contents plus added custom features as per your business requirements)

Now, even if it is a content-driven website, you should know about the content size (approx. pages).

Small Content Site
Medium Content Site
Heavy Content Site
10 – 50 Pages
50 – 100 Pages

Decide on the number of pages keeping in mind the future goals and needs of your business. Number of pages you may require in next X years and number of registered users you are expecting to surf your website per day. This will help you decide the right scalable platform for your new business website.

Now… if it is not a content-driven website, but a feature-enabled site (web application), you should define the application requirements in detail. Your feature-enabled sites might be from one the followings web titles..

  • Job Portal Website
  • News/Magazines Website
  • Real-estate Website
  • Hospital Management Website
  • Appointment Booking Website
  • B2B/B2C Website
  • Community Building Website
  • Directory Website
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Travel Website etc…

In this case; first you should search, review and list out your competitor’s site and identify the most relevant website which is close to your vision / similar features. Once you are ready with your feature list – you may or may not want to select one of the categories from below which is just for your clarity about your requirement complexity.

Basic Features
Medium Complexity (Apart from the basic features..)
Highly Complex Features
Logical Calculations
Complex Calculations
Math Calculations
Third Party Tools Integrations and Customizations
Reports Building
APIs Development
Dynamic Listing
Highly Interactive Database etc..
Highly Optimized Scripting etc..
Map etc..

Do not forget to think about the future enhancements before you select your category.


All businesses and especially startups want to keep their budgets as low as possible and they need more features at a small cost. If you are also looking for a cost effective website with all the features mentioned above or more, the first option for you is to compare your defined feature lists with the available open sources such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Umbraco, Zencart, Orchid, .NETNuke and many others in the market and see how many features out of your list are readily available and then consult and discuss with Continuum about further customizations feasibility check for free.

If your features are unique and not even 30% of features are readily available out of your list plus if it is falling into the “Highly Complex Features” from above category, then you should ideally go for the custom development using .NET, PHP OR JAVA Technologies. The custom development would be costlier than the opensource platforms; however, it is certainly more robust and most scalable way of development.


Apart from your budget and future enhancement possibilities, also compare the benefits and disadvantageous of the selected technologies as per the business needs. Hire expert website developers for your development requirements now.