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We are the Best Mobile App Development Company in Toronto. We just love making user friendly android apps that creates astounding results.

Android is a ubiquitous operating system with a linux-kernel base and is secure and cost effective for app development. Being an expert android app development Toronto agency, we have experience in highly interactive, easy to use app development.


We have experience in design and delivery of highly interactive, easy to use android applications. We have profound experience in crafting customized hi-tech applications using Android SDK, JDK, JSP and SQLite.  Continuum Software Solutions is a professional android app development services provider across domains including but not limited to

  1. M-commerce
  2. Banking
  3. Media and entertainment
  4. Social networking
  5. Location based apps
  6. Travel and hospitality
  7. Sports


Our strong team of consultants excel in the following areas of android application development:

  1. Providing technical consulting and solution design
  2. Performance optimization
  3. Process optimization and experience design
  4. Security testing
  5. Improving user engagement
  6. Productivity improvement

Our user experience designers pay complete attention to each element of the application to ensure a fulfilling end user experience by designing finger friendly mobile applications maximizing screen space. Our team of android testers ensure end-to-end security testing of android applications and have in-depth knowledge of the android platform.

We have an exhaustive list of checklists, guidelines and templates that allows us to ramp up teams quickly as per requirements and ensure high quality deliverables within stipulated timelines.

As a leading mobile app development company, we turn ideas into real, carefully crafted applications par excellence. We have all it takes: the team, the experience and the methodology that sets us apart in the android space. hire android developers now at most affordable rates across Toronto, Canada.





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