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We all agree with the fact that today the number of mobile users are far more than desktop. That’s where we thought to share, creating a startup app will be a much better idea for easy accessibility and user-friendliness of data. Continuum realised it is vital to for a startup to initial reach its potential customers.

At the primary stage, it is essential to create a connection with the feeling - the sense of belonging. Here is the useful view represented seamlessly in graphical format by #Flurry that talks about the engagement of time spent on iOS and Android devices.

Users spend a reasonable amount of time on the app that fits in their interest. Continuum, with its specialised UI experience and the qualified set of hired app developers, it unleashes the more prominent aspect of business which is brand presence. It becomes easy to send push notifications to update and tap potential users. The presence of an app on a user’s device supports to influence a user’s perception about a brand, subconsciously.

Particularly, with startup app development, it becomes easy to gauge customer behaviour with the kind of searches that appear as keywords. Many times it can be an area of improvisation in the offerings of the startup company.

In a nutshell, startup app development brings a few critical benefits considering the cost limitation:

  1. Pocket-friendly
  2. More scalable
  3. Easy to navigate offline
  4. Creates better brand awareness
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Choosing to create a mobile-friendly app over a website depends on the type of business channel that a startup is offering. Continuum feels having brings higher personalisation, greater connect, operational optimisation along with other exclusive customised features. and hence offering end-to-end startup services which helps startups to reach to the next level.