The Importance of Mobile Friendly Web Design

Today most of the content is seen and read on mobile screen devices like Smartphones and tablets. So if you are not optimizing your website for the small screen then you would be losing a lot of your product sales. To provide a user the same experience of your website on the mobile screen is critically important as the majority of the users will leave your site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. So to avoid losing customers it’s essential to convert your website to a format suitable for mobile viewing.

So now the issue arises what is a mobile-friendly website? A site would classify as a mobile-friendly site if it has the following parameters:

  • If it has a larger and easy-to-read text.
  • If the pages load faster.
  • If it has mobile-friendly layout/UI and is easy to navigate.

Some people think that creating or converting a site to responsive web design in toronto is a costly effort. But we beg to differ here. We will show you how the investment is worth every dollar of your investment into a trusted professional like Continuum Software Solutions. Some points which will highlight the importance of mobile-friendly websites are listed below:

1. Rapid increase in mobile devices

The sudden and sharp rise of inexpensive Smartphones has greatly contributed to the high volume of data consumed on phones. According to some recent reports, mobile category is the largest in terms of websites accessed through it and is also rising rapidly day by day. So if you want to increase your brand’s revenue, it’s imperative that you convert it immediately.

2. Mobile users are a different breed altogether

Mobile users are quite impulsive and surveys show they spent more than money per purchase compared to desktop consumers. Also mobile users want information in small and easily accessible bites. By making the site intuitive, a large chunk of impulsive buyers can be captured.

3. Age of interactive content

While the big companies are getting their act together and having separate mobile-friendly websites, the small businesses still lag far behind. The recent culture of interactive marketing keeps the consumer’s satisfaction at the top. If the website is not user-friendly, it would provide a negative image of the company and drastically erode brand value.

4. Makes total business sense

The maturing mobile market in Canada can be summed up in three interesting statistics

1 Smartphone users spend close to 2 hours 20 minutes a day consuming media and other content on their smartphones, on average
2 Smartphone ownership jumped from 55% (2014) to 68% (2015) to 76% (2016).
3 From 65% (2014), the number of people using mobile to pay bills has spiked to 85% (2016)

This means that more and more of the purchase decisions are now happening on the mobile. Also, Canadians are quickly opening up to buying or transacting using the mobile. For marketers, this ‘mobile-first’ philosophy is a significant shift that has to be embraced at the earliest to maintain the competitive edge.

You can sample some of our mobile-friendly creations below and feel free to call with your queries and doubts. This will assist you with an informed decision making in choosing us as the preferred partner for your mobile friendly web design needs.