Hot Trends that will Define Android App Development

Android App Development Trends 

The rapid pace at which the Android ecosystem is evolving has been exemplary. With Android apps clocking more than 40% increase in revenues for Android android-apps-development-trends-2017developers and 15% increase in download volume, this mobile app operating system has been in a continuous state of disruption thanks to innovative Toronto development applications.

In 2017, unsurprisingly, some new trends will define this OS and play a large part in maintaining the momentum it has gathered in recent times. Here is our compilation of these hot trends that will define Android app development -

Instant apps

A relatively new term, instant apps will prove to be a hit in markets with frequent bandwidth issues. An instant app allows the use of the app without downloading it fully from Google Play Store. While this may be a great option for users who do not have internet connectivity, it may take a while for businesses and marketers to optimize strategies around instant apps. This is primarily due to the low long-term engagement levels presented by instant apps.

Read more on Google’s official documentation site.

Better security

Android had launched container based security to allow users to create a separate workspace for their corporate apps. This helps counter the security and privacy issue of easy app store publishing. However,  app developers need to ensure they can pass this value to their end clients. Android Application Developers in Toronto are well-ahead of the curve by designing highly secure apps that give business users the confidence to download and use them over their current favorite – iOS apps.

Mobile payment technology

Decreasing bandwidth costs and increasing security features on Android OS are the key reasons why mobile payment is expected to take off in a big way. With smartphone payments to retailers expected to cross a whopping $118 billion by 2018, Android is certainly taking note of this potential revenue pie. Hence it has introduced Android Pay and Google Wallet. For Android development agencies in Toronto, this can be another area of focus in 2017.

Location-based IoT technology

Juniper Research says location-based revenues can drive as much as $43.3 billion worth of retail revenue. With location based technologies and beacons, Android app developers in Toronto need to see how they can seamlessly merge the online/ offline retail experience and help marketers with in-store data collection with connected and smart devices linked to the mobile.


The growing popularity of wearables, especially in the health and fitness category, will be a hot topic in 2017. This disruption will be primarily driven by the wearable-technologiesadvancements happening around Android Wear, the range of smartwatches launched by Android. It will be a lucrative opportunity for mobile app development companies in Toronto to follow this trend and release solutions to cater to this demand.

Android app developers will see a clear focus on uplifting the user experience through unique yet valuable Android solutions. See any upcoming trend in Android app development that is not a part of this list? Do write to us and let us know.


James grills2018-03-27 08:48:12

Interesting trends are coming up in mobile app development industry this year. Some of the many are already mentioned in the post. To name a few like instant apps where you won't need to download an app to test it out anymore, better security features for more secured usage, new payment apps, wearable enabled apps, and IoT based technology. Not to forget now more and more apps are also making increased use of AR & VR as well. That is another innovation in the field of mobile technology.