How Website Design Impacts E-Commerce Sales And Profitability

How Website Design Impacts E-Commerce Sales And Profitability

Your business website is what sets you apart from competitors, thus helping you carve a distinctive niche in the market. From small-scale ventures to large companies, powerful websites are prime requisites for one and all. That creates the demand for functional, easily navigable, attractive and feature-rich sites.

We are all aware of the age-old axiom that says, ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Well, more than anyone else, it is the website owners and site designers who should take it seriously. Your site’s appearance is what matters the most in today’s scenario.

Potential consumers and visitors get attracted to captivating sites as these websites have the power to leave indelible impressions on their minds. A quick look at stats will reveal the truth!

Statistics speak

75% of users (yes, you have heard it right) consider site design to be the prime factor in deciding a company’s credibility. Most importantly, design plays the pivotal role in determining the first impressions of a consumer or visitor. At least 94% of impressions are related to the design and appearance of a particular site.

That explains the significance of web design and its effects on sales and profitability. Let’s take a look at the factors that make it an important metric for customer acquisition, lead conversions, and sales generation.

  1. The significance of brief yet powerful impressions

Your website needs to captivate your consumer’s attention and that too within 50 milliseconds. Web interactions are brief but powerful. You have to make a mark within the shortest time span. Make sure your site design is captivating enough and can retain your visitors for ten crucial seconds.

  1. The power of visuals

Once your visitors start reading your contents, the blogs and articles posted on your site will play the desired role. The main task is to get your customers to read your contents, and that’s where powerful visuals enter into the picture. Here are some of the crucial aspects you need to keep in mind:

  • Logo: Place your brand’s logo at the forefront. That’s the key to promoting your venture!
  • Color schemes: Ditch the conventional light color schemes. Go for darker shades as they are more impactful than the light palettes.
  • Central image: Let the landing page visuals complement the brand logo and not overshadow it.
  • Smooth navigation: Design your site in a manner that helps your visitors navigate through the website easily.
  1. Call-to-action button

The position and placement of the CTA button play a significant role in the entire process. Your target consumers won’t like to scroll down to make a move. You should make sure they get it right in front of them.

Impacts on revenues and business profits

When your target audience likes to visit your site, you will surely see the results in your revenues and profits. Your visitors’ first impressions about your website will lead to successful conversions, which is the key to earning huge profits. Make sure you touch upon the right elements while designing your business website! There are several most efficient ecommerce platforms available in market today and one of the most popular among them are Magento which is a powerful ecommerce platform and in demand nowadays to ecommerce industry. If you are looking for an outstanding magento development or Core PHP developers for your ecommerce platform; reach out to us at