Why web presence is a must nowadays for your business?

online web presence

Businesses without online web presence are not possible in today’s world.  The New generation is so much occupied with their work and busy in today’s fast lifestyle that they hardly get time for their families. In such conditions, they do not prefer to go out looking for services .  They look for solutions at the click of a button – online, such as ordering food, books, furniture, machineries, flight booking, movie tickets, plumbing services, taxi booking, buy or sell business online, hire skilled resources for particular services, etc.. all that you can think about is available online nowadays.  Further today’s young  generation is addicted to technology through smartphones and various eCommerce Portals.

Reasons to have a web presence now

Year on year rapid growth of Internet Users:

Statistics on internet users says there are now almost 3 billion Internet users worldwide in 2015 and it is growing rapidly and jumped from 16% (in 2005) to 30% (in 2010) to 40% in 2014. So you can imagine how fast the numbers are growing and where it will end up in next two or three decades.

Worldwide Internet users


World population[10]

6.5 billion

6.9 billion

7.2 billion

Not using the Internet




Using the Internet




Users in the developing world




Users in the developed world




a Estimate.
Source: International Telecommunications Union.[11]

The above stats clearly depict that the number of internet users are growing rapidly and any business which wants to take the advantage of global presence must go for online presence.

Time is Money:

In this age of high-speed information, people expect to find just about everything on the Internet through their computers and mobile devices. Not having a website or social media pages will render your business virtually invisible to a great majority of the world’s population.


Online inquiries help you establish contact with your potential customers quickly. Online social media advertisements, search engine optimization boost traffic to your website and eventually generate business opportunities.

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